Why You Should Get a Hybrid Car

Ford Hybrid

They’re all over these days! You can’t get through a car dealership without hearing how hybrids are the new future. And really, that statement isn’t too far off. There’s no denying how hybrids grew quite a bit over the past few years. There’s also no surprise in how hybrid sales are projected to grow for these coming years. So, of course, this means you’ll find plenty more hybrids for sale. And to get hyped for this fact, be sure to read up on the top reasons you’ll want a Ford hybrid.

Hybrids Offer a Smooth Ride

You’ll never feel a bumpy ride while sitting in the seats of a hybrid. In fact, everything about these energy efficient cars is built to offer as comfortable of a drive as possible. For starters, the engine completely shuts off when you come to a stop. This means there’s no idling. In other words, say goodbye to that rough “vrmph vrpmh vrpmh” feeling you’d get from an all-out fuel-car whenever your hybrid car rests at a stop sign.

Quiet and Relaxing the Entire Journey

When driving in a hybrid, you’ll find the engine is completely silent. This is especially great for any passengers, like when the kids in the back seat finally doze off and stop bickering about whose foot is on which side of the car. This reason alone makes hybrids fantastic family cars as well!

Best of Both Worlds: Gas and Electric

Since your hybrid offers a rechargeable battery and gasoline, you’ll find you get the best of both sides. You won’t need to worry about plugging in your car after so many miles since the motor recharges the battery anytime you slow down or come to a complete stop.

But on the other hand, you’ll still get some of the best fuel economy you’ll ever find on the market! Take a car like the 2018 Ford Fusion Titanium hybrid for example. This beauty is capable of receiving 43 city MPG and 41 Highway MPG.* So with this in mind, you’ll go for hundreds of miles without needing to refuel.

Better Fuel Economy and Reduced Fuel Costs

Going off that last point, keep in mind that you’ll also be paying less in refueling in the long run. In fact, compare any hybrid, like the incredible 2018 Ford C-Max hybrid, with any all-fuel vehicle, and you’ll find that the eco-friendly counterpart gains an added range of 200 or so miles before needing to refuel.

As you’d guess, this also means you’ll pay quite a bit less per year in gas fees. And overtime, that savings adds up quickly—especially as the rates of fuel increase with time. And who could argue with that great surprise of only pumping in a few gallons at the gas station after driving 100s of miles?

Tax Credits and Perks for California Residents

Here’s another big point that’ll get you some quick savings on hybrid cars. In the State of California, you’ll get both a tax break and a federal rebate—just for owning a hybrid car! So in that sense, your savings will add up even quicker when combined with the exceptional MPGs your Ford hybrid receives.

And here’s quite possibly the best part: you get HOV lane access! Just imagine how much time this will save you in your commutes to work? This perk alone is borderline priceless! You can’t deny extra time for fun and family!

Keeps your Air Clean

Overall, hybrid cars emit roughly 10% less fog than their all-fuel-based counterparts. This alone performs wonders in cleaning up the air in your local area!

Hybrids to Fit Any Personality and Lifestyle

There’s a Ford hybrid for sale out there that’ll work for anyone! Whether you’re looking for something sporty or a great family car, you’ll easily find an energy-efficient variant. And for the latest and greatest hybrids, be sure to check out Southern California Ford Dealers to find the best deals in your area!

*EPA-estimated city/hwy mpg for the model indicated. See fueleconomy.gov for fuel economy of other engine/transmission combinations. Actual mileage will vary. On plug-in hybrid models and electric models, fuel economy is stated in MPGe. MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation.