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David Wilson's Villa Ford
Sales Phone: 877-829-1013
Service Phone: 877-829-1013
Parts Phone: 877-829-1013
Orange, CA Ford dealerships specialize in Ford vehicles in Orange, CA, providing new and pre-owned Ford cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. Our factory-trained service technicians specialize in Ford automotives to keep your vehicle running at peak performance.

Your nearest Orange Ford dealer has all of the latest Ford cars, trucks and SUVs. In addition to a great selection of new and pre-owned Ford models, Orange Ford dealers have fantastic parts & service specials to keep your car running at peak performance. Your local Orange Ford dealers are truly dedicated to bringing the finest quality customer services to each and every customer. When you step inside one of our dealerships, we want you to truly believe you're at the finest Orange Ford Dealer. Call or come down to one of our show rooms today!

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