Do I Need New Wiper Blades?

Do I Need New Wiper Blades?

It seems the sun is always shining in Southern California. Driving your Ford Mustang along the Pacific Coast Highway or cruising through Kings Canyon National Park in your Ford Explorer is fun, easy, and stress-free. You can see for miles! But if the weather turns or your windshield is smattered with bugs or dirt, everything can change.

Your Ford’s windshield wipers aren’t just for decoration, and they aren’t just a convenience either. They’re a safety item. When you can’t see clearly through your windshield, you’re in big trouble. But flick the switch and your wiper blades kick into action, restoring your sight through the windshield.

But If Your Windshield Isn’t Clear…

But if you turn on your windshield wipers and you’re still struggling to see, there’s a problem. Your windshield wiper blades may need replacing. But how do you know if they need to be changed?

Give Them a Wipe

If you find your wiper blades aren’t cleaning your windshield like they used to, something must be done. The first thing to try is a good, old-fashioned cleaning. Whether at home or at the gas station, use a rag to wipe your windshield wipers’ edges. Wet the rag with washer fluid to clean and condition the rubber blade edge. But if that doesn’t do the trick, you should invest in new blades.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Check your windshield wiper blades condition, looking for signs of wear and tear:

· Check that the rubber edge is intact. If you notice floppy rubber tag ends hanging off your wipers, the edge is torn. It’s a clear sign your windshield wipers need to be replaced.

· Inspect the edge for nicks and cracks. Abrasive materials like dirt and sand can take little bits from the blade edge, leaving noticeable streaks on the glass when you use them. If you’ve cleaned your wiper blades and there are still streaks, there’s a good chance there are nicks in the rubber edge.

· Check the flex points. For metal blades, pivot points on windshield wiper blades can develop corrosion over time. If your wiper blade begins to seize up, it won’t apply proper pressure to the glass, leaving streaks behind.

How Often Do Wiper Blades Need Replacement?

Sun, heat, and dry weather are what California is known for. Unfortunately, those are also the elements that cause wiper blades to deteriorate quickly. For most vehicles, proper car care involves replacing the windshield wiper blades approximately once per year. However, if you can’t seem to clear the windshield well, they may need to be replaced more often.

Need your windshield wiper blades replaced on your Ford vehicle? Your Southern California Ford dealers can help. It’s a quick and easy procedure to swap your wiper blades for a new set. Wiper blades may not be expensive, but they certainly are an investment in safe driving. Visit the Ford service center nearest you to have your windshield wiper blades inspected and replaced or schedule an appointment for your convenience today!

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Do I Need New Wiper Blades?