What is Ford Co-Pilot360?

Ford Co-Pilot 360
Technology in our vehicles has been progressing for 30 years. Now, new Ford cars are taking it another level with the Ford Co-Pilot 360™ program. This system compiles a number of driver assist systems that are going to make life on the road easier and safer. Learn more with the help of your local Southern California Ford Dealers.

The Ford Co-Pilot 360™ program consists of several different systems that work together to cover all your angles, all the time. These systems are designed to minimize your weak spots and have your back when you need it most. The Ford Co-Pilot 360™ program will be offered on new models and include the following systems.

Hill Decent Control™- Engage when you are headed down a steep incline, and the system will maintain a safe speed for you by applying the breaks as needed.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist™- Change the way you think about backing up a trailer, because you can do it all with a twist of a knob. This system makes hauling a trailer easier than ever and more instinctual.
BLIS® with Trailer Cover- Blind spot monitoring now not only covers your vehicle, but it has gotten an update capable of shining light on your trailer’s blind spots as well.

Navigation- All programs come with navigation as a standard feature, so getting where you want to be is even more convenient.

Rear View Camera- Day or night, the newest rear view camera gives you a vivid look at what may be in your way.

Enhanced Active Park Assist- New Ford models will be able to navigate their way into a multitude of parking spaces. Just control your speed and direction, and the Co-Pilot 360™ system does the rest.

Evasive Steering Assist- Evasive steering assist is a new system that will help you navigate around objects ahead of you. If you find yourself quickly approaching a car or problem in the road, the vehicle will provide added braking power and tighten steering for a better response.

Lane Keeping System- The lane keeping assist system will alert you if you start to wander out of your lane. If you happen to do it a few too many times, an icon shaped like a cup of coffee appears to let you know its time for a break.

Automatic Emergency Braking- If you happen to get too close to an object around you, and do not brake on time, emergency brakes will be applied stopping you before a collision occurs. New Ford vehicles equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot 360™ system are packed with technology inside and out. Expect to find the Ford Co-Pilot 360™ system on a wide range of 2019 models from the Super Duty, to the Explorer, to the Focus. With less vulnerability behind the wheel, you can feel confident about staying ahead of schedule.

Still curious? Come check out our selection of vehicles that offer Ford Co-Pilot360™, available now at your local Southern California Ford Dealers.