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Are you looking for a vehicle with a level of room and comfort that you wouldn’t get with any other vehicle? Maybe your current vehicle is okay, but you’re looking for more. The 2022 Ford Explorer can give you all of this and more. This vehicle’s features will make your drive the best it’s ever been.

It’s More Than Capable

The 2022 Ford Explorer has power under the hood. It has a 3.0L EcoBoost engine with 400 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque that is capable of a 20/28 MPG on city/highway. That means that not only are you getting a lot of horsepower, but you’re able to get good gas mileage out of it, too. There’s also an intelligent 4-wheel drive system with terrain management. This allows your 4-wheel drive to adapt to any sort of terrain and the rotation of a dial. With settings for trail, snow, sand, and slippery conditions, among others, you’re prepared to drive whether you’re going off-road or you’re simply just trying to get to work in the rain. Some other capabilities that are worth noting include rear-wheel drive and towing and trailer sway control.

It’s Flexible Where It Counts

The 2022 Explorer offers up a level of flexibility that gives you more options than you ever thought you would need. One of the great things about this vehicle is how roomy it is - so roomy that it offers up an incredible 87.8 cubic feet of cargo space, so you can store just about everything you can think of. The PowerFold 50/50 rear seatbacks make it easier than ever to fold your seats down. With the push of a button, your rear row can go from ready to seat to stowed away for cargo. It really is that easy. Add on top of that the cargo management system that provides room for smaller items on the side or underneath the floor, and you have plenty of room to store just about everything. Some of the other incredible features that make the 2022 Ford Explorer so flexible include an available hands-free foot-activated liftgate for when your hands are full, E-Z entry second row to make it easy to sit in the back, a 360-degree camera so you can see from all angles, Michelin self-sealing tires to keep you going even after you’ve punctured a tire, and tri-zone climate control that gives everyone control of the temperature no matter where they’re sitting.

Technology to Keep You Connected

The tech in the 2022 Ford Explorer is designed to make your ride easier while keeping you connected to the world around you. First, there’s the SYNC 3 technology. This lets you stay connected without ever having to let go of the steering wheel. It’s voice-activated technology with a touchscreen for further control, and it allows you to control everything from the music being played off your device to making phone calls without even having to touch a single button. There are also a number of excellent safety features included to keep you and your loved ones safe no matter what the situation is. These safety features include auto high-beam headlamps for greater visibility, a rear view camera to make it easier to back up, a blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert to keep you from accidentally cutting someone off, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking to prevent you from hitting anything with the front of your car, a lane-keeping system that prevents your from drifting, and intelligent adaptive cruise control that will help you maintain safe distances and stop if needed while using cruise control.
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