Spring Clean Your Car

Spring Clean

Spring is in the air, and that means it is time to get organized, cleaned up, and ready for the summer months. When you think of spring cleaning, you should think of your vehicle as well. Spring car care should be a regular part of your seasonal duties, including both spring maintenance and spring car cleaning. At Southern California Ford Dealers, we are here to guide you through the simple steps you can take to ensure your vehicle has what it needs to work its best for you.

Inside and out, your vehicle will perform better when you take the time to give it what it needs. Spring time should be about restoring the vehicle to its like-new condition, so that you start off the hot summer months putting your best foot forward. While there are a few maintenance steps you should consider doing on a mechanical level, we want to focus on the spring cleaning tips that provide much more than an appealing appearance.


Starting on the outside, you’re probably familiar with cleaning windows and the paint. This is rather straight forward, but we still have some tips. First, use a high-quality automotive soap. Dish soaps and other non-automotive soaps will strip wax jobs and clear coats, which will be counter-productive. Wash and dry the paint first, and follow-up with cleaning the windows and glass. You may also want to take the time to apply plastic and rubber protectant, that will help keep the non-painted surfaces looking fresh and protected from the sun. Clean wheels and rims last, making sure to keep any splatter off of the freshly cleaned paint as it will contain road grime and brake dust.


Once inside, work from big to small. Start by removing all large objects and stuff that you do not need to be carrying in the vehicle. Take this time to organize the things you do want to keep with you while on the road. Get everything out of the vehicle’s doors, off the floors, and off the seats. This will make cleaning the door panels, seats, and floors much faster and easier. Use a vacuum to get out all of the small debris and bits of trash next. Lastly, wipe down surfaces. Pay close attention to what type of material you are cleaning and make sure to use appropriate chemicals.


  • Clean from top to bottom. There is no getting passed gravity. Dirt, debris, crumbs, and water all fall the same direction. To avoid cleaning things twice, clean from the top down. This means clean the interior from the dashboard to the floor mats, and clean the exterior from the roof to the wheels.
  • Get creative with your tools. Buy paint brushes, home dusters, vacuum attachments, and other non-automotive tools can be used to clean the nooks and crannies of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
  • Keep tools separate. Don’t use interior tools for exterior cleaning, and vice versa. Keep the grease, oil, and road grime on the outside. Keep the interior tools nice for future use.
  • Dog and pet hair can be removed with a squeegee, lint roller, or vacuum with a specialized brush. You can also invest in a car seat cover that will help keep your seats cleaner when furry friends come along for the ride.

If you would like help with the rest of your spring automotive maintenance contact your local Southern California Ford Dealers. Our experts are happy to set you up with a service appointment for spring car maintenance, so that you can be ready for more summer adventures. Call, go online, or come in today to see what other services we have to offer.