Should you get an automatic or manual transmission car?

Automatic vs manual transmission

When shopping for a new Ford, you’ve undoubtedly come across different transmission types. And you’ve probably wondered what’s better between automatic and manual transmissions. After all, there’s still a sizeable number of both types on the market.

Well, today, it’s time to see the winner of the age-old battle of automatic vs. manual! Read along with us to see why you’d want to buy either option—and if one truly is better than the other! Plus, this is information you’ll definitely want on hand when you decide to pick up a new car of your own. So, let’s get to it!

Why You’d Want to Buy an Automatic Transmission

In today’s world, automatic cars are everywhere. And to be honest, there certainly seems to be more in 2018 when compared to their manual counterparts. Even the 2018 Mustang offers a 10-speed automatic variant. So, what do automatics bring to the table? In short, quite a bit. So here are a few reasons you’ll love driving an automatic transmission.

It’s Super Easy to Drive

This is the big one! In truth, automatic transmissions are the easiest cars you’ll ever drive. In fact, you won’t need to pay attention to much of anything other than the road in front of you. So, you won’t need to focus super hard on the noises of your transmission or look ultra-closely at your tachometer. The car does all the shifting for you - automatically.

Also, this means you won’t need to worry about stalling. With manual transmissions, you’ll find plenty of situations, like entering a carwash, where you release your foot from the clutch just before putting your car in neutral. So, cue the super-embarrassing “blump!” as your car’s engine powers off! Bonus points if it grabs everyone’s attention in the area!

Thankfully, automatics do a great job of avoiding embarrassing situations such as these. So, with no stalling or gears to worry about, you’re looking at a smooth and easy drive.

Fewer Distractions

Here’s what makes automatics ideal for entry-level drivers. They allow you to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. That means there’s no need to reach for a shifter to change gears. Also, your eyes can focus entirely on the road instead of your RPMS. In other words, you’ll have all the focus you need on following the basics.

No Hills!

Even for seasoned drivers, steep hills are still a challenge in manual cars. There’s an art in being able to drive up a hill from a complete stop without burning a clutch or rolling your car back too many feet—even better if you can do it without the help of your emergency brake. Add rain to the equation, and life becomes even harder.

Thankfully, automatics remove all the challenges of driving hills. So you can pull up to a red light on a steep incline worry-free!

No Wear on the Clutch

If you don’t know how to drive a manual transmission, it becomes costly with clutch replacements. But with automatics, this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about since you’re not putting the same strain on the clutch!

Reasons to Buy a Manual Transmission

Despite the abundance of automatics on the roads, you’ll still find quite a few manual cars in 2018, like the sporty 2018 Ford Fiesta ST. And in truth, they offer quite a bit if you know how to drive them. So here are some reasons you’d opt for one over an automatic car.

Save a Lot of Money

Right out of the gate, you’ll find that manual cars are often more affordable than an automatic. And once you’ve learned to properly drive a clutch, there are some long-term savings as well. Specifically, you can expect anywhere from 5-15% better fuel efficiency! The savings add up over time!

Ultimate Control and Fun

With a manual transmission, you call the shots on how your car drives. So if you need those lower gears to better navigate those steep mountain passes, that’s an option. Or if you’re looking to gain a slight boost in speed by revving up your RPMS, you can also keep your car in a lower gear before shifting. Either way you look at it, you’re in full control of how your car drives—which is rarely the case with an automatic transmission.

Push-start a Dead Battery

We all make mistakes—like leaving your car lights on at work and draining your battery. And when this happens, there’s a quick and easy fix without cables if you drive a manual car. Just push the clutch, put the car in 2nd gear, have your friends start pushing, and then your car starts running again. It’s ultra-convenient, and something you can’t do with automatic cars!

Which is better: Automatic vs Manual

At the end of the day, there’s no simple answer here. Instead, you’ll need to pick a car based on how you drive. If you’re a beginner, then you’ll notice an automatic transmission will make life quite a bit easier—especially when you come across those annoying hills.

But on the other hand, if you’re looking to gain a few extra MPGs or better control your car, then a manual is the way to go! It takes some practice, but in no time you’ll be a pro at shifting through the gears with ease.

So when shopping for a new car, be sure to assess how new of a driver you are, and whether or not you’re willing to learn a new way of driving!