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At Southern California Ford Dealers, we are hyped about the new lineup of Mustang models Ford has on offer. You know these cars. They are loud, proud, and the envy of the road. The new 2022 Mustang takes its already fierce reputation and dials it up to eleven. These all-American powerhouses are everything you dreamed of and more. With one rev of the engine, you'll be hooked.

Awe-Inspiring Design

Everything about the new Ford Mustang is designed for maximum power and speed. Its hyper-aerodynamic body design is inspired by the aeronautic industry, and it shows. When you put your foot on the gas and feel that familiar pull of the engine, you're guaranteed to get a burst of adrenaline every time. With ten different trims and models to choose from, you have more ability than ever before to own a Mustang perfectly tailored to your driving desires. If you want pure muscle and speed, the Mach 1 is the Mustang for you. From its redesigned front fascia to its interior cloth sport seats, this car is built like it was meant for the track. Add the special Mach 1 badge for the exterior, and stake your claim to a piece of the road few others dare to tread. The Mustang Convertible is the ultimate cool. You'll get a thrill every time you put the top down, thanks to the new EcoBoost technology that provides impressive power while you enjoy the open air. Once you get a taste of the top-down experience, you'll never want to give it up. Muscle meets modernity in the all-new Mustang. With available features such as heated and cooled front seats, heated steering wheel, and meticulously crafted center console, you'll be in the lap of luxury. Your new Mustang is infinitely customizable. You'll have a range of color palettes to choose from, as well as a selection of wheel designs and packages. Stand out on the road in your totally unique vehicle.

Raw Power and Precision Handling

The roar of a Mustang's engine is distinct and adrenaline-inducing. Every model of the 2022 Mustang line comes equipped with one of five high-performance engines, each capable of taking you up to speed before you know it. For those who love a real thrill behind the wheel, the TREMEC seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that comes standard on the Shelby GT500 model is an absolute must. Built for the track, this Mustang has lightning-quick shifting capability and even integrated launch control. Ask one of our specialists about the available MagneRide Damping feature. This specialized system is designed to intuitively react to changes in road conditions, improving the handling of your Mustang at every level. For even greater control, utilize the available Selectable Drive Modes, which allow you to customize your Mustang's driving dynamics with just the press of a button. Toggle between different modes to optimize efficiency and handling in challenging weather and road conditions.

Technology That Keeps You Safe
Driving your Ford Mustang should be exhilarating, not dangerous. We are excited about the new suite of safety features on the 2022 Mustang.

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. This is a new life-saving technology you won't want to leave home without. Using radar to scan the road ahead, it monitors for potential collisions and can apply the brakes if you don't respond to alerts.
    • Lane Keeping System. When battling heavy traffic, this great feature will protect you from lane drift. By keeping track of your Mustang's position in the lane, it will alert you if it detects an unintentional departure.
    • Blind Spot Information System. Keeping an eye on those pesky blind spots can be a real pain, so let this system take away some of that stress. It is constantly on alert for vehicles approaching your Mustang and will alert you if it senses another car just out of view.

These are just some of the many ways your new Mustang will keep you and your passengers safe on the road, allowing you to focus on the fun and the thrill of the ride. Ask one of our team members about the Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear View Camera, and Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation systems for more information.
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At Southern California Ford Dealers, we think now is the perfect time to upgrade your ride to a new Mustang. From top to bottom, engine to wheelbase, the Mustang is more than just a vehicle. It's an experience. Southern California Ford Dealers are a collection of dealerships located throughout the SoCal area. Each location is fully staffed with knowledgeable and passionate Ford specialists who are eager to get you into your new Mustang.

We invite you to visit us online to find your local dealer or browse the hundreds of vehicles in our inventory. Pick out your favorite, then stop by one of our locations to go for a test drive. You won't want to miss out on this excellent opportunity to drive home in the sexy and powerful Ford Mustang.

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