5 Reasons to Buy a Used Ford Vehicle

A growing number of car shoppers are discovering the incredible options of buying a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Available at Southern California Ford Dealers, these pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs can be the perfect fit for your transportation needs.

To buy a used car can sometimes feel like an uncertain decision. After all, aside from your house, a vehicle is probably the most expensive thing you own. You certainly don’t want to make the wrong decision, but you should know there are five good reasons why buying a used Ford can be the right move.

1. Greater Value

Depreciation is an unfortunate aspect of car ownership. While it can be frustrating to buy a new car, only for it to lose a big chunk of its value in the first few years, this can also work to your advantage.

When you buy a used Ford, you’re sidestepping much of that depreciation. Quite a few vehicles see the fastest deflation in their value during the first one to three years, so if you buy one that’s a little bit older than that, this factor isn’t your concern.

That depreciation means you’re getting the same car for quite a bit less. Yes, it has some additional miles on the odometer and not everything is fresh, but the end result is often greater value. If you’re conscious of how you spend your money and are always looking for the best return on each investment, pre-owned cars can provide the perfect solution.

2. More Variety

While the new Ford model lineup is pretty diverse, if you’re looking at the past few years, just by nature you’ll have a greater range of choices.

3. Less Insurance

The fact is that in most cases a pre-owned Ford will lower your insurance premiums. Overall cost to replace a vehicle is a huge factor in determining what you pay each month or quarter for insurance, so going with a used option can help you save.

4. Longevity

Modern Fords last much longer than they did back in the day. That means when you purchase a car that’s a few years old, it doesn’t necessarily have one foot in the grave. Of course, you should always inspect a used car closely to ensure it’s running correctly.

5. Lower Purchase Price

At first the lower purchase price of a pre-owned Ford might seem like it has more to do with depreciation. While it does, there are two other distinct advantages of that deflated price tag.

First off, you can save money while still getting the same vehicle.

Second, buying used might mean you have the financial capability to get the car you really need or want. It can be frustrating when something larger or nicer is what you really want to buy, but new vehicle prices make that impossible. It’s not just a matter of you not having the money, but also the fact that no lender will approve you for that high of a purchase price. If you choose a pre-owned Ford, you can actually get all the luxury features, or something bigger and more capable for the same price you’d pay for something new that’s smaller and less luxurious.

The next step is to take some used Fords for a test drive. Contact your local Southern California Ford Dealers to set up your appointment.