Ford Introduces Digital Kiosks at Dealerships Across the U.S.

Ford Digital Kiosks | Southern California Ford Dealers

Customers want to get in and out of the service department as quickly as possible. That’s why Ford is introducing a pilot program, which places digital kiosks around service areas at dealerships across the United States.

Digital kiosks aim to boost customer satisfaction

Ford began piloting its digital kiosks at seven different dealerships last fall. The program’s goal is to expedite the service check-in process, while also making the customer experience more personal. The kiosks are expected to provide a new level of transparency, as well.

“Our goal is to change the perception of the dealership experience,” said Robert De Filippo, global director, Ford Retail Customer Experience. “We can start to do this by meeting rising expectations for fast and reliable service and letting each customer know they matter to us.”

One of the first dealerships to pilot the program – the Liberty Automotive Group in Brunswick, Ohio – has experienced exceptional results. According to Andrew Bellavia, Chief Operating Officer, the kiosk in the Brunswick location served 241 out of approximately 1,100 customers. An impressive 85% of those who used the kiosk said it made the check-in process easier. Also, 90% said the technology was able to answer all their questions.

“The way I see it, there are two types of customers,” Andrew Bellavia, Chief Operating Officer of Liberty Automotive Group said. “Customers who are coming in for quick service or maintenance on low-mileage vehicles who want to get in and out quickly, and then customers who have unique cases that they want to discuss in-depth with our service staff. These kiosks provide an option to the customer who wants to move fast, freeing up service advisors to address the more complex concerns.”

Bellavia estimates checking in with the kiosk takes 75% less time than the traditional method of meeting with a service advisor. Across the seven pilot dealerships, the average check-in time is just over two minutes when using the technology.

How the digital Kiosk works

If you’ve traveled by commercial airline before, you’ve probably used a digital kiosk at check-in. The Ford kiosk is similar, as it allows customers to check-in without waiting in line to talk to a person.

When you reach the kiosk, you’ll be asked for your phone number via the touchscreen. The system will then display your contact information and vehicle details for verification purposes. From there, you simply select the service your car needs, along with your preferred contact method. Any open vehicle recalls will also be displayed at that time.

Ford is trying out outdoor kiosks, as well. The units operate similarly to those used indoors, while also adding the ability to pick-up or drop-off a car at any hour. Additionally, the system will eventually have the ability to accept and deliver keys.

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Although your Southern California Ford Dealers might not have a digital kiosk yet, you can still get lightning-fast assistance through the service department. When you’re searching for car maintenance or repair, stop by the nearest location to receive quick and exceptional service.

Ford Digital Kiosks | Southern California Ford Dealers