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Summer is right around the corner! The days are starting to grow longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and the time has come to plan for all of the summer adventures ahead. Take the time to embark on enjoyable journeys and create unforgettable memories as you explore, travel, and simply enjoy the summer months. Soak up the sunshine, head out to the coast, or drive away for summer vacation. You can do all of this in style with the Ford Escape. It’s the perfect car for summertime journeys thanks to enjoyable features, versatility in design, and reliability for every mile you drive. It truly is the ticket to the best summer ever and will be your ultimate companion for your summer plans. Come and see what the Ford Escape has to offer. Check out our inventory and explore the options at Southern California Ford Dealers. We’ve got plenty of choices for you.

Versatile and Spacious Interior

The fun thing about summer is that your options are endless. Kids are out of school, families are planning vacations and road trips, and everyone is enjoying the sunshine and the warm air. The whole mood changes from one of hustle and bustle through daily life to just enjoying what life has to offer. What is in your summer plans? The Ford Escape is built to offer you everything you need for vacations and road trips as well as everyday activities or spending a day at the beach. The versatile design gives you space and flexibility so that you can easily accommodate all of your summer plans. The compact SUV has comfortable seating for up to 5 people. In the back, you have a generous cargo area that has plenty of room for all of your gear. While this is a compact SUV, it still provides plenty of legroom so nobody feels like they’re sitting in a sardine can. Then there are the smaller details. You can opt for available hands-free capabilities as well as the foot-activated liftgate that makes loading or unloading so much easier. Enjoying summer has never been better.

Seamless Connectivity Through Advanced Technology

The Ford brand has long been catering to technology needs in their vehicles. From the FordPass app to the SYNC connectivity system, you can’t go wrong. Within the Ford Escape you will find cutting-edge technology and features that keep you both connected and entertained all summer long. With the SYNC infotainment system, you get a 13.2-inch LCD touchscreen that gives you access to everything you need. The system provides you with navigation tools, apps, music, and more. Plus, you can integrate your smartphone with ease so you can connect with a tailored experience for your digital preferences. And through all that connectivity, you can keep your hands on the wheel and enjoy a safe drive. Ford makes it easy to stay connected and accomplish whatever you need to. From driving to work to exploring all that summertime has to offer, you can’t go wrong.

Efficiency and Performance Perfect for Summer

The Ford Escape isn’t just sleek, stylish, and filled with technology. The small SUV offers efficiency and performance that allows you to enjoy every summer adventure with ease. You can enjoy a dynamic driving experience that meets all of your summertime needs. Blast the AC, open up the sunroof, or roll the windows down and just enjoy the California sunshine. No matter where you are going, the efficiency and performance will have your needs covered. The Ford Escape has plenty of different trim packages to cater to your tastes. Choose various powertrain choices as well as a traditional hybrid or a plug-in hybrid selection. No matter which option you choose, you experience fuel efficiency as well as capable performance metrics. The engine is small, but plenty mighty for this ride. It contributes greatly to efficiency as well. It is also turbocharged to give you a quick start when you want it. On the traditional models, you can plan for an average of 30-33 MPG, providing you with significant efficiency. The hybrid options could boost you significantly higher as well. The vehicle handles really well and is incredibly responsive to your commands. The intelligent all-wheel-drive carries you through every scenario. With quality traction and control, you can feel confident on every type of drive over the summer. Appreciate Safety and Peace of Mind

The Ford Escape is rated a full 5 stars from the NHTSA overall safety rating. Experience peace of mind on every drive. Embark on summer adventures with friends, family, or solo and know that you are safe for the journey. The Escape provides the safety that you need in many ways. Thanks to advanced safety features, you can enjoy the world throughout the summer with ease. The driver assistance features are perhaps some of the top innovations for vehicular safety, but they also bring any driver convenience on the road. Ford stepped up to the plate presenting this SUV with a comprehensive suite of safety features that are in demand on the road. This includes emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go technology, and more. Each feature should give you peace of mind throughout your summer journeys, ensuring you are safe and alert no matter where you go.

Consider the Possibilities

The Ford Escape is a small but mighty SUV. Consider it your trusted companion for summer fun, and you can go anywhere or do anything. Travel across the country, head out to national parks and landmarks, or just enjoy weekend getaways with friends or family. Load up the gear and get on the road for all that summer has in store. This SUV is versatile, sleek, and ready for every adventure.

Make Summer Fun with a New Ford Escape

Every little detail is designed for your adventure, providing you with efficient performance, outstanding versatility, and innovative technology. Just settle in and enjoy the summer vibes. Come see us at Southern California Ford Dealers to find yours today!
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