Is Your Air Conditioning Ready For Summer?

Summer time is here, and so is the heat. A fully functioning air conditioner can make all the difference during your daily commute. A simple refrigerant recharge or AC system repair may be all you need to get your climate control back on track. Contact your local AC experts at SoCal Ford Dealers to get all your needed AC repairs and maintenance done right.

Your car’s air conditioner is a basic component that makes sure you don’t over heat in the summer. There are several things that can go wrong, and they can leave you uncomfortable and irritable. Regardless if your car is blowing air that is too warm, or not blowing enough air, there’s likely a simple solution. Finding an AC repair shop is easier than you think when you think about your SoCal Ford Dealers.

Warm Air

Warm air coming out of the air conditioner can be the result of a faulty compressor, or a lack of refrigerant in the system. While there are a couple of other items that can contribute to the air conditioning not being cold, these are the most common. Refrigerant can be added, and should be added, by a trained technician. This is so no refrigerant is leaked into the atmosphere due to its harmful effects to the ozone. This also ensures that your vehicle’s AC system is charged to the proper pressure, and that it will be like new based on your manufacture recommendations.

Leaks in the refrigerant can also leak to warm air from the AC. If you are having to add refrigerant consistently or know that your AC system is not holding pressure, then you have a leak in a line or a hose. This is not only bad for the environment but is also harsh on your pocket book. Older vehicles also run the risk of having a clog in the refrigerant. These are harder to clean out, but they typically can be cleared or the section that is clogged can be replaced.

No Air Pressure

A lack of air pressure coming from the vents is typically a result of a bad blower motor. These motors can short out, have a bad connection, or have a bad switch. Most commonly the blower motor will need to be replaced. Blower motors may be difficult to access on some models, and you may want to seek professional assistance.

When looking for an AC repair shop near you, consider the local experts who are certified to work on all makes and models. For questions about car AC repair costs or other concerns, call the service experts at your local SoCal Ford Dealers. Get help with your warm air or lack of air coming from your AC vents today, and don’t suffer all summer long.