Is my air conditioning failing?

Air Conditioning

Although summertime is almost over in most parts of the country, the heat doesn’t seem to want to take much of a break anytime soon. If your commute has been nothing short of unbearable this season it’s time for a cool down and your Southern California Ford Dealers service center is here to help make this happen.

How Does My Ford’s A/C System Work?

Although your Ford’s air conditioning system may seem somewhat inconsequential, other than providing you with added comfort during each heated drive, this system is a bit more important than you think. So, if your A/C is malfunctioning it’s time to get it working again by having each of its components serviced.

  • Knobs & Vents: These are the smallest and easiest components to check when it comes to diagnosing an electrical issue. If the buttons or knobs involved in controlling the air conditioning are not working and no air at all comes through the vents when the system is on, your problem could be a simple blown fuse that keeps these knobs from working and air from blowing through your vents.

  • Fan Motor: If air is coming out of your vents, but that air refuses to get cool or if the air is barely coming out of your vents then this is a sign that the fan motor in your A/C system is faulty or may even have a blown fuse.

  • Vacuum System: For either of these components to work properly the vacuum system must also work properly as airflow and air temperature are controlled by the vacuum system.

  • Refrigerant Cooling System: Each of the components listed above are part of Ford’s air management system and if each of these parts is working correctly, but both you and your car continues to overheat it’s time to have your car’s maintenance plan include a check of the refrigerant cooling system. Problem with this system is not as easy to diagnose as the knobs, vents, fan and vacuum system. Similar to how the cooling system radiator functions, this system cools the liquid that causes this system to fun, which is much like the way that the refrigerant system in your home functions.

  • Hoses and Wires That Connect It All: If hot air continues to blow out of the vents in your Ford vehicle and you have had all the a/c service and repair components checked above it’s time to ask your mechanic to look for frayed wires that may be causing the system to short out. If these parts are in poor shape or are not connected properly, all you’ll get through the air conditioning vents is recycled air from underneath the hood, which is not helpful on a hot day.

  • A/C Drive Belt: The A/C Drive Belt is probably the simplest component of a vehicle's A/C system but is still a very important one. This belt connects the A/C compressor clutch to the engine crankshaft, which allows the compressor to be turned via the engine's power when activated. Along with causing an annoying squealing sound, when this drive belt breaks it will not only cause your system not to work but will also cause your defroster to stop working.

Get the Heat Under Control

If you are ready to escape the non-stop heat wave in your Ford car or truck, contact your Southern California Ford Dealers today to schedule a service appointment and have your summer turned into a comforting fall or winter on each and every drive.