How to Do Your Ford Oil Change Service

How to Do Your Ford Oil Change Service

Looking to keep your engine running for as long as you own your Ford? Of course, you are and that’s why it’s important to change your car oil. The most common part of your routine maintenance is an oil and filter change. Your Ford’s engine depends on clean oil to prevent internal wear, clean sludge deposits that might form, and protect against corrosion and friction. It even helps disperse excess heat.

How Often Should You Change Car Oil?

Your Ford oil change interval is determined by the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor. Instead of using generic preset mileage intervals, the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor uses your vehicle’s data to help your engine perform its best while minimizing your maintenance costs.

Your Ford oil change may only need to be done every 10,000 miles if you drive in normal, light-duty conditions. However, if your driving leans more toward extreme, your oil and filter change could be due every 3,000 miles or so. Follow your Intelligent Oil Life Monitor. When a message is displayed on your instrument cluster to change the oil, it’s time to get it done!

How to Change Car Oil

If you’re a DIYer, you might be inclined to change car oil for yourself. Sound like you? Then here’s how to change car oil in your Ford vehicle, whether you drive a Ford Fiesta, F-150, Mustang, Explorer, or any other Ford vehicle, courtesy of your SoCal Ford Dealers.

Life and Support the Front End

Jack your car’s front end up at the lift points indicated in your owner’s manual. You need to make enough room to slip underneath the car to drain the oil and change the filter. But before you get under the car, put axle jack stands under the lift points for safety!

Drain the Engine Oil

Place a catch basin under the drain plug. Using a wrench or a ratchet, remove the oil pan drain plug and let the oil flow into the basin. Let it drain completely.

Change the Oil Filter

While the oil is draining, remove the oil filter using an oil filter wrench. Turn it counter-clockwise to remove the filter. Wipe the gasket surface with a clean lint-free rag.

Dab your finger into clean engine oil and lubricate the gasket on the new oil filter. Turn it on by hand until it’s snug, then turn it another quarter turn. Don’t use a wrench to tighten it. And always use a Genuine Ford oil filter for the best performance.

Install the Oil Pan Drain Plug

With the oil no longer flowing, re-install the drain plug in the oil pan. Tighten it with a torque wrench to the specification listed in the owner’s manual.

Fill the Engine with Oil

Use only the correct engine oil as specified for your Ford. You’ll find the right grade listed on your oil cap and in your owner’s manual. You’ll also find the engine oil capacity in manual.

Fill the engine with your clean oil, checking the engine oil dipstick to ensure it’s not over- or under-filled.

Check Your Work!

Lower your car and run the engine for ten seconds. Shut if off and recheck the oil level and adjust as necessary.

Choose Your Local SoCal Ford Service Center

Sounds like more than you bargained for? Don’t have the time to be a DIYer this time? If you’re in Southern California, there’s no need to search ‘where to change car oil near me’. Simply visit your local Southern California Ford Dealers in person or online, or call to schedule your Ford oil change. A Ford factory-trained technician will change your Ford’s engine oil using Genuine Ford parts and fluids and perform a complimentary visual inspection as well.

How to Do Your Ford Oil Change Service