Ford Drives U Program College Graduates

Ford Drives U Program College Graduates

Let Ford help you celebrate your educational adventure by taking advantage of major Ford discounts available to college students. Regardless if you had a recent or have an upcoming graduation, are getting ready to head off to college, or are a current student, Ford discounts are designed with you in mind. Take advantage of the Ford Drives U program in 2018. Put your best foot forward as you branch off into your new career.

Ford wants to help college students feel proud, and nothing feels better than driving off in a new car. Favorably Ford is continuing their Ford Drives U program again in 2018, and has even extended the savings to include more students and more educational programs. Ford wants to help build your credit while your young. The Ford Drives U program enables young drivers to get ahead of their credit and take advantage of savings in order to get their first new car.

Who is Eligible

These and other Ford Discounts for 2018 are sure to help get any young learner off to a good start. The following is a list of students and graduates who may qualify for the Ford Drives U program. You can also contact your local Southern California Ford Dealers for more information on qualifications and savings.

  • All current students of recognized colleges and trades schools (students must maintain a half-time status)
  • recent graduates and alumni are qualified for three years passed their graduation date
    • College Student Internships Participants
    • Trade School Apprenticeships
    • Medical Students
  • Recent high school graduates who have a letter of intent from a qualified university

Programs such as one-time certificates, English as a second language, and on-the-job training courses do NOT qualify for the Ford Drives U program. Any students who are enrolled less than half-time are also disqualified from this set of particular discounts. If you want to know if you are applicable, go online now to start the identification process.

How to Apply

Current students can apply online and take their savings to their local dealership. You can also start the shopping process online to help you decide on what options are best for you. Recent graduates and alumni will have to submit a separate discount request form online to verify their educational status. You will be asked to provide supporting documentation proving your educational status, internship participation, or recent graduation.

Also take advantage of the Ford Credit Auto Finance 101 video series to learn more about making smart choices when it comes to automotive buying and leasing. These informative shorts are available for anyone who wishes to view them and who wants to learn more about taking control over their credit scores and their life. Let the experts at Southern California Ford Dealers help get you into your first new car.