Five Essential Summer Car Care Tips

Ah, the dog days of summer! It’s the best time to live, work, and vacation in Southern California whether you’re inland or on the coast. You thrive in these conditions with the sun baking your shoulders and a quick dip in the water to beat the summer heat.

But did you know that summer is the hardest season for your car to endure? Between high temperatures and UV rays, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your Ford to keep it working at its best. These five summer car care tips can help you keep your Ford healthy all year long.

Wash and Wax

When you’re out on the road, your car is exposed to the elements. Sun, heat, rain, and bugs all have an effect on your car. Harmful UV rays can begin damaging the paint while pollution and bugs can corrode your car’s exterior. Vehicle detailing is an essential part of car care in SoCal, removing harmful substances from the paint, glass, and chrome. Then, protect your car’s finish with high-quality wax, sealing it against any environmental attacks. Plus, it’s always nice to see your new Ford looking spiffy.

Check Fluids

Your Ford’s fluids don’t last forever. With changes in temperature and through the many miles you drive, condensation can form in the fluids that reduces their ability to lubricate and cool their systems. Before summer hits in full force, have your Ford service center check the fluids to ensure they’re good to go through this summer season. If something’s less than perfect, have it changed.

Change the Cabin Air Filter

Pollen, dust, dirt, and other allergens can make the air inside your car tough to breathe, especially for people with respiratory issues. Virtually all Ford models are manufactured with a cabin air filter, straining pollutants, allergens, and even leaves and bugs from the air that enters your cabin. It gets plugged up over time, so have the cabin air filter changed every spring or summer during your auto maintenance visit.

Have the Battery Checked

Are you aware that high temperatures can drastically shorten your Ford battery’s life? Most car batteries last between three and five years, but continued exposure to high heat can reduce it substantially. You can’t prevent the heat, but you can keep an eye on your battery. Have your battery tested annually before summer to make sure you won’t have to find a boost in the sweltering summer sun.

Get an Air Conditioning System Check-Up

Comfortable summer driving often hinges on a well-functioning A/C system in your Ford. Every year, an A/C system typically loses around five percent of its efficiency. It doesn’t take long until you notice a difference inside your car on a hot day. Beat the heat with an air conditioning performance test this summer. In many cases, restoring your A/C to like new is just a matter of a refrigerant recharge.

Summer driving should be carefree and fun. If you have any concerns about your Ford’s ability to handle the summer, schedule a visit to your local Ford service center in Southern California. With excellent customer service and competitive rates, there’s no one better to take care of your Ford all year long.