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When it comes to play and reliability, you won’t find a better option than the Ford Ranger Raptor. The Raptor line of trucks has always been known for its playful capability and performance details, and when you combine that with the fierce perfection and capability of the Ford Ranger, you get a robust design that provides for the best of off-roading and the other details that you need in a truck. This sweet truck is the ticket to your next adventure, and it’s one that will allow you to enjoy those drives along the coast, as well as the playful rides in the sand. No matter what landscapes you’re driving on, the Ranger Raptor won’t disappoint. Curious about this iconic option? Come see us today at Southern California Ford Dealers to get a closer look.

About the Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger Raptor was designed to conquer rugged terrain and embrace the great outdoors with ease. You can find the Raptor trim package on several Ford models, and it’s equally impressive on all of them. It’s available on the F150, the Ranger, and the Bronco. The Raptor integration specifically optimizes off-road use with four-wheel-drive, mid-line suspension, and all-terrain tires. It typically hosts bold power, and these performance details take your traditional Ford Ranger and boost it to bring you enjoyment for exploring. That means when you are hitting sandy shores and coastal landscapes, you can do it with adventure in mind.

Built for Off-Road Excursion

The Ford Ranger has always been a great truck on its own. But when you pair it with the concepts of the Raptor, you get the best of both worlds. Whether you want to tackle rocky coastal terrain or you want to cruise through the sands of coastal beaches, you can do it all. In fact, these very adventures are what your Ford Ranger Raptor was built for. The Raptor edition sports a specially tuned suspension that allows you to explore any type of excursion your heart desires. It is both capable and versatile in all of these aspects. Where adventure and adrenaline meet you can’t go wrong, right? That suspension is a solid 10.7 inches of ground clearance, which allows you to navigate all of the coast with ease. Thanks to advanced traction control, every adventure is easy riding. Enjoy a smooth ride down the beach, an excursion off the beaten path, or an adventure that is full of mystery and thrills. The capability and confidence can’t be beat.

Exploring with Powerful Performance
The engine of the Ranger’s Raptor edition certainly packs a punch. This engine is a V6 with twin turbocharged 3.0 and EcoBoost additions - just the right power to take you on all of your adventures. Out of the gate, you can enjoy 213 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. All it takes is one tap of your foot, and you’re off. The truck is a literal powerhouse that brings impressive capability and exhilaration to the table for your enjoyment. Thanks to a generous towing allowance, you can load up the toys, the boat, the RV, or anything else your heart desires and head out for adventure. Spend a weekend roughing it and experiencing every thrill you can imagine while you’re at it. Coastal destinations have a lot of great ways to have fun, so head out today! The 10-speed automatic transmission of the Ranger Raptor will ensure you have a seamless experience, from driving to your destination to enjoying the explorations while you’re there. Explore and Play with Comfort and Convenience
Exploration and adventure are one thing, but there is nothing worse than heading out for adventure and being uncomfortable while you do it. Whether it’s from bumping or just sitting uncomfortably, this can take the enjoyment out of some of those trips. The great thing about the Ranger Raptor is that it is built to handle all of the rugged terrain, not just in power and exterior build. Ford brings the same concepts to the interior of the cabin, where you find comfort and convenience in all the little details. It’s spacious, supportive, and intuitive in all the right ways. There is plenty of legroom and headroom. If you’re bouncing around a bit, you aren’t going to be smacking your head on the roof. The interior is thoughtfully designed. The seats have the right curves to grip you and hold you close on the rough terrain. There is also plenty of support for all the bumps and curves. Plus, when you pair this with intuitive controls and plenty of storage space, you are set. Connect your smartphone, enjoy the Ford Sync system, and head out on the highway or the coast.

Enjoy Every Adventure with Safety and Peace of Mind
Whether you’re heading out for the next adventure or just cruising around town, safety is a must. The Ford Ranger Raptor brings you advanced safety features that will give you the peace of mind you deserve on the road. Not only do you get all of the traditional safety features, but the Raptor edition adds some extra features as well. In the Raptor, you get a reinforced chassis in case the adventure sends you overboard. In addition, the truck hosts a rollover mitigation system that is unique to Raptor models. It takes you one step closer to being prepared for all of your adventures. Plus, you get the entire suite of driver assistance features that you expect on modern vehicles. This includes the following:
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Automatic high beams
    • Cross traffic alerts
    • Blind spot monitoring
    • Lane keeping assistance
    • Emergency braking

Experience the Extraordinary and More with the Ford Ranger Raptor

Every moment should be an adventure, and the Ford Ranger Raptor helps make that happen for you. It’s rugged, capable, powerful, and totally comfortable. You can enjoy simple weekend getaways, adventures along the coast, and so much more. Ready to experience the coast in a Ranger Raptor? Come see us today at Southern California Ford Dealers!
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