Do I need to change my automatic transmission fluid?

Transmission Fluid

Routine maintenance is part of vehicle ownership, whether you own or lease a Ford or any other make. That includes your oil and filter changes, tire services, and other car maintenance items. An often-overlooked item is the automatic transmission fluid change, but it’s in your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Is it really necessary? Here’s some valuable information about transmission services, courtesy of your Southern California Ford Dealers.

What an Automatic Transmission Fluid Service Does

Just like changing the oil in your engine, the fluid inside your automatic transmission needs to be changed from time to time. It serves several important purposes.

Removes Harmful Particles

While you use your Ford car, truck, or SUV, it’s only natural that some wear occurs. Tiny metal particles separate from internal components like gears and clutches. The transmission oil itself deteriorates and small deposits can form inside the transmission. Left on its own, it can take harm your automatic transmission through premature wear or even sudden failure.

An automatic transmission fluid change removes these harmful bits, keeping your transmission healthy for years to come.

Enhances Transmission Cooling Ability

It’s no surprise that transmissions build up a lot of heat! The primary component to cool the transmission’s vital parts is the fluid, bar none. Fluid circulates throughout the transmission, cooling moving parts and carrying the heat away to the transmission fluid cooler. Low or dirty transmission fluid simply can’t perform the same as clean fluid inside.

Changing the transmission fluid as part of your routine car maintenance helps prevent problems associated with high temperatures and overheating.

Ensures Proper Lubrication

Just like engine oil, transmission fluid breaks down with time and use. When transmission fluid has passed its best years has been well used for tens of thousands of miles, it starts to break down at the molecular level. That’s when excessive internal wear occurs, putting you at risk of transmission failure.

Good, clean transmission fluid coats moving parts and provides a cushioning layer to prevent them from hitting and rubbing.

When Should an Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Be Performed?

The best time to have your automatic transmission serviced is when the maintenance schedule says it’s due. For many Ford vehicles under normal use, the service interval is around 150k miles.

However, there are reasons you may need to have your automatic transmission fluid changed sooner. If you tow regularly or if you drive in severe conditions, it’s prudent to have it changed based on condition, not mileage.

When you schedule a service appointment with your local Southern California Ford Dealer, the transmission fluid level and condition is checked on every visit. If the fluid needs to be changed before its suggested mileage, you’ll be advised.

Routine transmission maintenance is important for your vehicle’s health, and to make sure you enjoy your Ford ownership experience as long as possible. Contact your local Ford service center or schedule your service appointment online for reliable service from factory-trained technicians at your local Ford dealer in Southern California.