Discover Service Specials at SoCal

Ford SoCal Service Specials

Now that you’ve bought a Ford vehicle, have you ever wondered about the car service specials you can receive for it? After all, proper maintenance is key to keeping your car running strong, even through the 6-digit mileages. Thankfully, Ford offers a surplus of great services from a variety of repair shops in Southern California. And even better, Southern California Ford Dealers has them all listed out for you. So be sure to take a look, and see which service deals will work best for you!

Keeping your Brakes Fresh

You’ll undoubtedly need to get your brakes serviced at some point. Seriously, these are one of the most used and worn pieces of your car. And, when you think about it, arguably the most critical in keeping you safe. But thankfully, you’ll find tons of Ford Service specials that offer great deals in keeping your brakes new and working! So be sure to check these out for your Ford:

  • Lifetime guarantee on any brakes you purchase

  • Again, brakes are ultra-important for your safety while driving. So you can’t argue with a great guarantee!

  • $30 rebate by mail for complete brake service

  • Brake pads installed – call your service department for an appointment

  • Complete brake service – contact your service advisor for more information on service specials

    • Free brake inspections

    The Best Tire Replacement Deals

    Alongside your brakes, you’ll definitely want to change your tires every now and then. After all, just think about all the wear and tear that occurs as your car drives thousands of miles. That tread eventually weakens. And as such, your car loses quite a bit of traction when driving. So be sure to drive safely and ensure your tires are always in working condition. And even better! Here’s a service special just for that:

  • $80 by mail when purchasing select tires

  • So, just for buying tires, you’ll get $80 back! That’s a pretty sizable chunk of the overall price of the service. So, when you need a tire replacement, remember that you can easily find a service repair shop near you that’ll apply this amazing offer!

    Even More Perks with the Ford Service Credit Card

    If the above offers aren’t enough, you can save even more whenever you use your Ford Service Credit Card. And unlike common credit card offers, this is one that actually helps you when it comes to getting you the best Ford service specials.

    Not convinced? Then check out these amazing offers to see how you can get some incredible savings!

  • $25 back on a purchase of $250 or more

  • Up to $130 back in rebates for purchasing select tires with your Ford Service Credit Card

  • $50 mail rebate for complete brake services purchased with a Ford Service Card

  • In other words, you’ll get money back for most repairs and maintenance you’ll ever need for your car. So be sure to get as much as you can out of these deals by looking into signing up for a Ford Service Credit Card!

    Find the Best Ford Service Specials in Your Area

    Don’t delay on servicing your Ford! After all, this is something that will impact the safety and smoothness of your drives in the long run. So it’s best to get any services done ASAP.

    But did you search for “car repair shops near me,” yet find no results? Not to worry, as Southern California Ford Dealers has done all the hard work for you! Just enter your area on the site, and you’ll be linked with directions to the nearest Ford service specials near you! It’s that easy! So be sure to try it out for yourself!