Should Your Next Car be New or Used?

One of the most common questions people ask as they shop for a vehicle is whether they should choose a new or used car. The answer isn’t exactly straightforward, thanks to several important factors that can affect it. Really, your situation, needs, and wants all factor into which option is best, so the answer is different for everyone.

Learn from the expertise of your Southern California Ford Dealers which option you should consider and why.

Just How You Want It

One of the best reasons to buy a new Ford Explorer or other car is the fact you can get it exactly the way you want it. That means you enjoy the combination of interior and exterior colors, options, and even wheel design you love the most.

If you’re getting a dream car or are particular about the slightest things on your vehicle, going with new is the best option.

Sales Incentives

Do you have a decent amount of money to use as a down payment on a vehicle purchase? That’s an important factor, because not everyone has that kind of money when their current car is no longer an option.

If you don’t have that kind of a savings, don’t despair. With new vehicles, automakers will offer purchasing incentives that far away what’s available for pre-owned cars. Those incentives might be rebates, discounted financing, or other cash incentives. The exact amount of what you save varies as promotions begin and end.

Remember that a trade-in acts as equity for financing a different vehicle. Of course, you need to have a realistic estimate of what your current ride is worth.

Less Wear

It might be obvious, but a new Ford Edge or other car comes to you with no blemishes, mechanical problems, or other issues. You get a vehicle that works perfectly and has everything functioning just as designed. With a pre-owned car, you might find little things are broken or breaking, along with blemishes in the paint, etc.

Latest and Greatest

When you get a new car, it comes with all the newest equipment. That means cutting-edge tech, updated safety equipment, and all the other features you won’t find in used vehicles. If you always like having the latest and greatest of everything, new is what you want!


Sadly, many cars lose a good chunk of their value in the first few years. It’s not true for every vehicle on the market, but it’s a good reason to consider something pre-owned, like a used Ford Escape. You never know what could happen in life, making trading in or selling your car a necessity.


When it comes to insuring a used car, you actually save money, all things being equal. It makes sense, because the vehicle is worth less, so if the car is a complete loss, the insurance company doesn’t need to pay out nearly as much as a new car.

Find an excellent selection of new and used vehicles today by visiting your Southern California Ford Dealers.