Ford's SYNC 3.0 Entertainment Information

Ford's SYNC 3.0

The latest innovation in Ford infotainment and connected driving technology is available now on many models. It’s the SYNC 3.0 Entertainment suite and its functions are incredible. Utilizing your smartphone’s app-like appearance and even integrating many of your phone’s functions seamlessly, SYNC 3 is the among the best in-vehicle entertainment systems you’ll find anywhere. Here are some functions you simply must know.

Familiar Features

The SYNC features you know and love are still here. Bluetooth hands-free calling at the push of a button, along with downloadable contact lists, is standard. 911 Assist is still active, placing a call through the paired cell phone in an emergency, even when you can’t do it yourself. And of course, your SiriusXM radio subscription unleashes over 150 channels of entertaining commercial-less radio.

Enhanced Voice Control for Music

SYNC 3 takes voice commands to a new level. It’s easy to play the music you want simply by saying “play” and the artist or song name. You can tell SYNC 3 to change your SiriusXM station too with normal, logical verbal commands, allowing you to focus on the road instead of fiddling with radio buttons.

SYNC AppLink

Some of your smartphone apps can cross over to your infotainment screen, seamlessly operating with your vehicle. Switch apps using voice commands, launch your favorite apps, and talk through SYNC 3 to control their operations. Some popular apps that integrate with SYNC 3 include iHeart Radio, Spotify, and CitySeeker.

Phone-Like LCD Touchscreen

The new SYNC 3.0 entertainment information is available as easily as scrolling through your phone. It takes just a light touch to scroll up and down menus and swipe side to side. Like your smartphone, you can pinch-to-zoom on navigation maps. Its capacitive touchscreen is fast and responsive.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The newest SYNC system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it an easy decision to choose Ford SYNC 3 over the competition. With Apple CarPlay, talk to Siri to access your music library, read and respond to text messages and emails, access your voice mail, or place and receive phone calls. Android Auto does much the same, utilizing Google through the Android interface. Both systems can access their maps for directions, traffic conditions, and estimated travel times.

SYNC Connect

Even when you are out of your Ford, you’re still connected. SYNC Connect uses the FordPass app to keep you in touch. You can find out your vehicle’s location, remotely start your engine, lock and unlock your doors, and check your fuel level and approximate mileage. And with SYNC Connect, you can even schedule times to remote start your engine so it’s ready to go when you are.

Climate Control

Let SYNC 3 make keeping comfortable even easier. Keep your eyes on the road as you use voice commands to adjust your climate controls. Or, use the SYNC 3 touchscreen to easily adjust the heat, air conditioning, and mode to stay cozy warm or cool as a cucumber.

This SYNC 3.0 entertainment information is just the start. Discover more about SYNC 3 in person when you test drive a new Ford at your local Southern California Ford dealer. There’s never been a better time to own a Ford!