Top Technology Features of the 2017 Ford Edge

Top Technology Features of the 2017 Ford Edge

The 2017 Ford Edge is a crossover with a wide variety of available driver-assist technology that's designed to give you greater confidence when you’re out on the road. Thanks to a range of sensors and cameras mounted at strategic locations around the 2017 Edge, you can be made aware of other vehicles and other objects that may be behind or in the vicinity of you and your vehicle. So, let's take a look at some of the top technology features of the 2017 Ford Edge in a little more detail.

Sync 3

Sync 3 is the very latest version of Ford's advanced infotainment system, which is a combination of smart hardware, smart software and smart design that delivers an easy-to-use, responsive voice-activated experience. Sync 3 responds quickly and reacts to your conversational voice commands, and the smartphone-like touchscreen also offers impressive responsiveness. The sleek user-friendly interface helps you connect to and control your smartphone, which allows you to do a wide range of tasks such as locating your favorite restaurant or other venue with a basic destination entry through the optional navigation system.

Available Enhanced Active Park Assist

Ultrasonic sensors strategically positioned on the 2017 Ford Edge are used to measure the distance from other vehicles, and when an appropriate parking space has been identified, the systems tells the driver to stop and accept the system’s assistance if desired. While you are driving slowly close to parking spaces, if the driver activates this feature the vehicle will then scan for an available space. With just a few actions on the part of the driver, such as shifting, accelerating and braking, the vehicle is able to smoothly parallel park or reverse into a perpendicular parking spot.

Front 180-Degree Camera with Washer

At slow speeds and thanks to the utilization of multiple camera views, the 2017 Ford Edge can even help the driver to see around corners and down alleys thanks to the available 180-degree camera that's tucked away discretely into the front grille.

SiriusXM Radio

The available SiriusXM radio allows you and your passengers to enjoy more than 150 channels that include stations that offer commercial-free music, live sports, news and other types of exclusive entertainment. 2017 Ford Edge models equipped with SiriusXM come with a six-month trial-subscription to the All Access package included, so you’ll be able to listen to every channel available, plus you can also listen online and on the SiriusXM app.

Available Adaptive Steering

Adaptive steering is a superb feature that's designed to dynamically adjust the steering response of the front wheels based on how quickly the vehicle is moving at the time. At relatively low speeds, the system allows the front wheels to turn more with less turning of the steering wheel, which gives the Edge greater levels of low-speed agility. At highway speeds, the feature optimizes steering response in a different way, which then allows the vehicle to react more smoothly and precisely to inputs from the driver via the steering wheel. Adaptive steering is able to help with driver comfort and really can make any drive more enjoyable.

BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert

BLIS with cross-traffic alert is an available system that can help to make driving more convenient through the use of radar for detecting vehicles that might be in your blind spot, and which is then able to give an alert via an indicator light in the appropriate exterior rearview mirror. Cross-traffic alert can also be used for detecting traffic that could be approaching from the sides when you're backing the Edge out of a parking spot, and it's included as part of the available Technology Package.

Lane-Keeping System

The Lane-Keeping System is an available feature that includes both alerts and an aid for physically keeping the Edge in the lane during the day or at night. Lane-keeping alert warns the driver through a series of vibrations to the steering wheel, which are designed make it feel like driving over a rumble strip if the system detects what it believes to be an unintentional lane departure. Lane-keeping aid goes further by actively applying steering torque, which alerts you and encourages you to steer back into the desired lane if what's interpreted to be an unintended lane departure occurs.

All these features and more are available right now with the 2017 Ford Edge, so for more information and to arrange a test drive, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the folks here at Southern California Ford Dealers.