Review Summary of the 2017 Ford Transit

2017 Ford Transit

Full-size vans are much more cultured than in previous years. In fact, your Southern, CA dealers agree with the experts at Car and Driver who say that “Ford’s full-size van is modern both under the hood and behind the wheel, with useful tech to aid today’s hard-working folk.”

Available in three body lengths, two wheelbases, three roof heights and three engine options, including a diesel, the 2017 Ford Transit is designed for both on the site jobs as well as transporting your kids’ soccer or football team.

Despite not rolling onto the scene until 2015, Ford’s big Transit vans lead the way in commercial van sales. Possibly due to what experts at Edmunds claim is “it's hard to beat the versatility and capability of a full-size cargo van.”

While we could glorify Ford’s get it done vehicle all day, we decided to talk to a few automotive authorities to gain their insight as to why they prefer the all-new Ford Transit over competitors like the Chevrolet Express, GMC Savanah and Nissan NV.

As the Buyers Guide at Motor Trend suggests, “The 2017 Ford Transit is free of major flaws. With a long list of standard features and a reasonable starting price, we found ourselves enjoying our time in the van and appreciating how user-friendly and easy to operate it was. Not all of us like the snub-nosed, bulldog face, but we loved its modern interior design and appropriate material choices. It’s not a luxurious van by any stretch of the imagination (at least in stock form), but it’s still a fine choice for big families, local contractors, or fleets.”

Tony Swan, with Car and Driver had an opportunity to test drive the 2017 Transit Passenger Wagon XLT and was impressed with his assessment. “Just putting it in drive and tramping on the throttle produces surprising results. Going from naught to 60 MPH in 7.6 seconds with something this size was quite startling. The Transit’s steering, while slow, is also surprisingly accurate and even informative, particularly by the standards of this elephantine class. Ride quality is smooth, and interior noise levels are lower than most. Whatever its use, there were even seats for a dozen in our van, arranged in four rows—two up front, three in the second row, three in the third (two on the left with an aisle separating the right-hand seat), and four on a bench spanning the rear.”

As Car and Driver also points out, who has a need for a van such as this? Pole-vault squads? Fly-fishing teams? Resorts, maybe, or church schools? Whatever your need the Ford Transit has you covered. In fact, as Edmunds expert review points out “there are a few others that may be suitable for your needs. Workers up to 6-feet 5-inches tall can even stand upright in the high-roof Transit Van. Full 4-by-8-foot sheets of plywood can also lie flat inside.”

Need a little more convincing that this full-size Ford cargo van can complete any task that you throw at it? How about telling you that the Ford Transit is the most popular full-size van in the United Kingdom?
You don’t always need a professional to tell you why this is. Follow blogger C'est La Vie Three along on an adventure through Europe as they convert the 2017 Ford Transit into their family’s personal RV.

If you are looking for the perfect family or comfortable work vehicle, get to your Southern California Ford Dealer today to take the perfect fit for a test drive today.