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Review Summary of the 2017 Ford Super Duty

2017 Ford Super Duty

Not by luck or coincidence, but due to its rock-solid durability, up-to-the-nanosecond technology and jaw-dropping capability the Ford Super Duty has been one of Ford’s best-selling trucks since 1977. As the Truck Trend Network mentions “like a cannonball into the kiddie pool, the original F-Series Super Duty made such a splash years ago that the truck market has forever changed” and the same can be said about the Ford’s 2017 line of F-Series Super Duty Trucks.

Working smarter and harder than others in its class, the all-new line of Ford Super Duty trucks offer some of the highest performing truck engines available, including a 6.2L V8, which offers 385 HP and 430 lb.-ft. torque and a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel, which offers 440 HP and a mind-boggling 925 lb.-ft. of torque.

In what Ford is also calling the “most significant product action” in 17 years, the Super Duty is enjoying its first complete redesign this year with an updated aluminum body structure, which is stronger and more dent resistant than the old steel shell, as well as a redesigned front clip, hood, fenders, lights, and bed.

So, what is it like to drive this award-winning, hard-working line of Ford trucks? Slip behind the wheel with a few truck gurus to find out more.

As Autotrader reviewer Danny Fogleson reminds us, this work truck is an ideal office on wheels. “Inside the cabin, clever storage abounds, including a second glove compartment, a center console big enough for hanging files and laptop computers, door pockets that can swallow a notebook and more. There are also plenty of power ports and USB outlets, and even available 110-volt connections. The only thing missing is a Wi-Fi hot spot. Inside the cabin, there's little intrusion of engine noise or vibration. Only at full throttle while towing a load did the diesel's voice become a factor, and even then, it was easy to carry on a conversation in the cabin without raising voices. Ford has even refined the cup holder in the center console, which doubles from 2- to 4-cup capacity with the slide of a frame -- a patent-pending solution that's so smart, you'll wish you thought of it first.”

Along with being handy inside, the Ford Super Duty also provides some of the most powerful towing capability available for any ranch hand, farmer or lawn service engineer. As Autoweek reminds us, “One of the smartest innovations here is the tow hitch system, available for 2.5- and 3-inch setups. These hitches are built into the frame and extend so far underneath the truck that weight-equalizing bars are no longer required to handle the maximum tow capacity. That will save Super Duty owners a lot of time and effort when hitching up. We had a chance to sample a Crew Cab F-350 Dually 4x4 Lariat with the diesel and 4.10:1 gears hooked to a 10,000-pound gooseneck horse trailer. The Super Duty moved the load effortlessly and the truck made the load feel far lighter than it was, and that gave us quite a bit of confidence -- as did the fact that this truck, as configured, could tow three times the weight we had hitched to it.”

New York Daily News even called the 2017 Ford Super Duty an obvious “computer geek”. “So the 2017 F-Series Super Duty is as utilitarian as ever, but like I said, the optional technology is what left the biggest impression on me. With trailer-conscious driver assist technologies and an arsenal of exterior cameras you can’t go wrong with the Ford Super Duty.”

Need another reason to check out the 2017 Ford Super Duty, take a virtual test drive with Winding Road Magazine.

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