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Commercial Financing in Southern California

Ford Commercial Vehicles

When you need commercial vehicle financing in Southern California, know Southern California Ford Dealers can provide a variety of solutions. No matter your situation or goals, one of the following solutions will help.

Commercial Retail Financing

With commercial retail financing through Ford Credit, you get access to traditional options for a variety of vehicles.

You don't need to worry about any hidden fees, making this a predictable and affordable way to finance your acquisitions. The terms are flexible, too, so you get a customized solution.

This option only works for certain vehicles. Use it for both new and used cars through heavy duty trucks. That includes upfit vehicles, and anything that runs on alternative fuels such as CNG, LPG, Bi-fuel, etc. Commercial retail financing also works for anything in the livery or for-hire industry, such as limousines.

Know this won't be an option for rental vehicles, any government entities, or emergency vehicles.


For a more customized commercial financing option, check out Commercial Lease. It's an open-ended Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease program. You get to determine the residual per requirements for your business, making it highly flexible.

Not only do you get flexibility, you also enjoy zero acquisition, termination, or up-front administration fees. Unlike a traditional lease, this program involves no mileage restrictions or penalties, making it perfect for vehicles that see heavy use. Excess ware charges also don't apply. If you install upfits, they can be residualized. Through combined billing, you can stay better organized.

Some vehicles don't qualify for this program. Among them are livery vehicles, emergency units, and rentals. Government cars on the federal, state, or local level also can't be included.

At the end of the lease, you as a customer can choose among several options. That means more freedom, depending on your needs in the future.

Commercial Red Carpet Lease

If you have vehicles with predictable usage, a commercial Red Carpet Lease guards against residual risk. It's a closed-ended lease. At the end, you only need to deal with excess mileage, use, and wear charges.

One of the main advantages you gain through this program is lower lease payments than other options. That means you have cash to put into your business, instead of your fleet. If your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen, a Red Carpet Lease usually waives any gap between the outstanding lease payment and insurance payoff.

Because this is a short-term leasing program, your organization gets new vehicles more often. Everyone enjoys the latest features, plus the cars present better for customers and clients.

Commercial Line of Credit

You don't have to rely on your current bank credit lines for commercial financing in Southern California. Ford Credit can help with a commercial line of credit, expanding your options.

Quite a few advantages come with a commercial line of credit. If you don't utilize it for a period of time, you don't pay any penalties, making it flexible. You also don't pay any setup fees. Even better, use a commercial line of credit for CommerciaLease, retail financing, or a Red Carpet Lease.

Credit lines start at $250,000. You have up to 12 months to add vehicles to your organization's fleet, so you don't have to reapply during that period. A combined billing statement makes keeping track of payments simple.

Get further details on these and other Ford Credit programs by contacting your Southern California Ford Dealers.