Discover the 2018 Ford C-Max

2018 C-Max

Explore the 2018 Ford C-Max, a practical plug-in hybrid fit for everyday life. This hatchback will keep you from having to stop at the pump constantly, so you not only go further on a tank of fuel - but also cut down on pollution. You don’t suffer to accomplish that, thanks to a well-designed interior that flexes with your changing needs.

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Efficient Operation

Saving on fuel doesn’t have to be a bore. The Ford C-Max cuts down on fuel consumption dramatically, yet it’s a blast to drive in the city or on the highway.

At the heart of this car is a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. It pairs with an electric motor that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery. The motor and engine can work together, producing an impressive 188 horsepower. An EcoSelect button helps you to conserve even more fuel automatically. If you prefer, there’s the option to drive only using the electric motor.

Efficiency doesn’t stop with the engine. An electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT) successfully

combines power from the engine and motor smoothly. That means a more seamless driving experience.

Regenerative braking helps boost efficiency further. It recovers energy that otherwise would be lost when slowing down or stopping, storing the energy in the battery. A specialized Brake Coach teaches you how to brake so you maximize energy recaptured through regenerative braking. You see an easy-to-read braking efficiency readout, providing instant feedback.

Another efficiency-oriented feature, active grille shutters, boost aerodynamics. These electronically-controlled shutters automatically open when the engine needs extra cooling and stay closed the rest of the time.

Smart Technologies

You’d expect a plug-in hybrid car to feature advanced technologies, and the 2018 Ford C-Max won’t disappoint.

Using the available active park assist, you’ll find the stress of maneuvering into a parallel parking spot melts away. First off, when you’re driving slowly, the system will notify you when the car reaches a spot it will fit in. From there you control the brakes, accelerator, and transmission while the system steers you effortlessly into place.

Parents will especially love the MyKey feature. It allows you to program keys for younger drivers to use, restricting certain

2018 C-Max

activities with the car. For example, set a top speed or reduce the maximum sound system volume. It’s a great way to teach responsible habits to teenagers.

Practical Design

While saving on gas is a good thing to do, you need a vehicle that can keep up with your busy life. Instead of turning to an SUV or van for utility, choose the Ford C-Max. It seats up to five, has a spacious cargo area, plus a large rear hatch perfect for loading big items inside.

The practical features don’t stop there. In the second-row are in-floor storage compartments. They make the perfect place to stash valuables out of sight, or put items you need to bring along for a trip but don’t want to clutter the interior.

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