Color Options for the 2019 Ford Flex SUV

As you shop for a 2019 Ford Flex, you’ll inevitably notice the range of color options available through Southern California Ford dealers. This crossover can be had in some fun combinations, making it stand out even among other Ford SUVs. Some people are even drawn to the Ford Flex specifically for the amazing colors they see.

Check out the Ford Flex options at Southern California Ford Dealers new vehicle stock and start shopping today.

Exterior Paint

The most noticeable color option for the Ford Flex is the exterior paint. That’s understandable, since the various paint colors are quite eye-catching and really help to create a positive impression of this SUV.

Agate Black dresses the Ford Flex up with a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Oxford White has a similar effect, only at the other end of the color spectrum. If you’re feeling rather bold, Burgundy Velvet and Ruby Red both make strong, eye-catching statements that will surely turn heads everywhere you go.

Magnetic, Stone Gray, and Ingot Silver are more subtle paint color options. Blue is a true crowd pleaser, if it appeals to your senses.

2019 Ford Flex SUV

Of course, White Platinum gives the Ford Flex an even more upscale look and feel. The metallic tri-coat paint adds depth to the SUV you don’t get with the other paint options.


You have another way to customize the exterior color of the Ford Flex, thanks to roof options. These allow you to further differentiate the SUV from other vehicles on the road, adding even more personality to your ride.

Many will opt for the monochromatic roof option. That means the roof color matches the other body panels on the SUV, providing a more traditional appearance.

The other choice is an Agate Black painted roof. When you choose this option, it comes with the Appearance Package. That means Black side mirror caps, grille center bar, liftgate applique, and 20-inch high-gloss black-painted wheels to complement the roof.

2019 Ford Flex SUV


Don’t forget that you can further customize the look and feel of your Ford Flex by selecting interior colors you enjoy.

You get the choice of three different upholstery color options. These not only affect what color the seats are, but also sections of the door panels, center console, and lower dash. Charcoal Black matches the other sections of the door panels, center console, and dash, creating a more monochromatic layout, other than the roof pillars and other accents.

Dune is a light color, which really plays up a more two-tone layout for the cabin. You can also opt for the Dark Earth Gray and Light Earth Gray upholstery, meaning the seats themselves have a two-tone appearance, while the doors, dash, and center console are monochromatic. This option is a fun way to really dress up the interior space.

Of course, the different exterior and interior color options can be combined to create an even larger array of design effects.

Now that you have a firm understanding about all the color options for the 2019 Ford Flex, it’s the perfect time to make your move. Contact or visit any Southern California Ford Dealers today.