2019 Ford Ranger trail control system overview

Ranger Trail

Not so very long ago, you probably had to do a course to be able to operate an off-road vehicle's four-wheel-drive system effectively. In some cases, you even had to get out and use a tool to engage the differential lock, but those days are now long behind us. Most manufacturers who offer all-wheel-drive and 4x4 systems now have advanced electronic control systems that make them easy to operate even for inexperienced drivers.

2019 Ford Ranger

The 2019 Ford Ranger is a pickup truck that's recently been introduced to the US, and it has its own terrain management system called Trail Control. These new midsize Ford pickup trucks are available in three different trim levels of XL, XLT and Lariat, which are all standard rear-drive with all-wheel-drive an available option. The all-wheel-drive system is operated by a single control knob mounted on the console. However, if you take the specification up a notch by adding the optional FX4 Off-Road Package you then get Trail Control as well as the Terrain Management System, off-road-tuned suspension, electronic-locking rear axle, OWL all-terrain tires, exposed steel bash plate, skid plates for fuel tank, transfer case and steering gear and FX4 Off-Road box decals.

Trail Control

The Terrain Management System is what most off-roaders have these days, which is a system with a number of settings that control various parameters of the all-wheel-drive system in a way that's appropriate to the surface and conditions. With Ford's Terrain Management System, the driver has four settings of Normal, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts and Sand, which are all pretty much self-explanatory.

However Trail Control is something different and it's an addition to Terrain Management that makes negotiating the off-road environment easier than it's ever been for novice, intermediate or even experienced off-road drivers.

If you've ever experienced hill-decent systems or you know what they are, Trail Control is a little like that but combined with cruise control. While hill-decent control is a system for controlled descent of an incline, where the speed is limited to a constant 5-mph or so and the braking is automatic so all you have to do is steer, Trail Control goes a big step further.

Trail Control can be used for going uphill, downhill, or just for going over a relatively level but challenging off-road surface. You still choose one of the four modes in the Terrain Management System, but you can then engage Trail Control as well and set your desired speed to where you want it between 1-mph and 20-mph.

Once engaged, Trail Control manages your acceleration and braking, sending torque to each individual wheel as needed. So, whether you’re going uphill, downhill or over really brutal surfaces, all you really have to do is steer. It really is just like an off-road cruise control system, and it really does bring negotiating challenging off-road environments within the capability of just about anyone. Anyone who has a 2019 Ford Ranger pickup truck with the optional FX4 Off-Road Package, that is.

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