2019 Ford Ranger towing capacity and payload

2019 Ford Ranger

Plenty of shoppers are visiting their Southern California Ford Dealers for a chance to check out the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger. While the pickup truck is generating plenty of interest, some wonder if its towing capacity a payload rating will satisfy their needs.

That’s a natural thing to wonder about. Fortunately, just like other Ford trucks, the Ford Ranger was built to not only be tough but also quite capable. This is a vehicle made for working hard and playing even harder.

Towing Capacity

One of the big reasons to get a truck is so you can tow heavier loads. If you have a boat, camper, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, or want to get any of those items, you must get a truck which can handle

    • pulling the load. Thankfully you won’t be disappointed with the towing capacity for the Ford Ranger.

      When equipped properly, the Ford Ranger can tow a shocking 7,500 pounds.* That’s plenty for taking along whatever you need for hard work or amazing fun. Part of the reason why the truck can handle that kind of weight is the fully-boxed high-strength steel frame. It contains six crossmembers for exceptional rigidity.

      Not only can the Ford Ranger tow plenty, it was thoroughly tested by engineers to do so in grueling conditions. For example, they proved it could handle towing heavy loads on steep grades at 100 degrees Fahrenheit without overheating. That’s something you’ll appreciate

2019 Ford Ranger

when you need to take your boat or camper through mountainous territory and there’s no need to stop after climbing a particularly steep slope.

Payload Capacity

As you can reasonably suspect, the Ford Ranger has also been engineered to haul some pretty heavy loads. Payload Capacity matters when you need to move some especially heavy objects like sod or rocks. You understandably don’t want to get a truck that lets you down when you need it most.

You enjoy a maximum payload capacity of 1,860 pounds** with the Ford Ranger. That means you can really pile stuff up in the bed and hit the open road without much worry.

Additional Performance

You can do more than just tow and haul using the 2019 Ford Ranger. The all-new midsize pickup truck can really take you places, opening up all kinds of possibilities for weekend fun.

To guard against damage, the bumpers are mounted directly onto the frame. So are the tow hooks, just in case you need to pull the truck out of a particularly challenging area or help another vehicle.

Thanks to a double A-arm independent front suspension, the Ford Ranger can handle all kinds of rough terrain and still provide you with excellent control. Monotube shock absorbers have been engineered for fade resistance as well as heat dissipation. Plus, the shocks have been nitrogen gas-pressurized so even under rigorous conditions they keep working reliably, ensuring both comfort and optimal performance.

The best way to really understand the 2019 Ford Ranger is to take one for a test drive. Contact your Southern California Ford Dealers today to schedule one.

*SuperCab 4x2

**Class is Midsize Pickups based on Ford Segmentation.