2019 Ford Escape technology features


The Ford Escape ranks as one of the top sellers in the US. And that’s certainly for a reason. After all, when an SUV packs this much reliable tech, you know you’re in for some epic adventures and fun drives. So, with that said, let’s take a closer look at all the exciting technology features on the all-new 2019 Ford Escape.

Driver Assist and Safety Technology

Within the past decade, driver assist features made drives all the more easy and safe. And, as you’d guess, the 2019 Ford Escape packs plenty of these features to make your drives even more efficient. Here’s some of what you can expect to find inside.

Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert

This one comes with the Safe and Smart Package. And just as the name implies, this feature detects when another car is driving in the lane in your blind spot and sends a signal to your outside mirrors. No doubt it’s a great feature to have after completing a mentally exhausting day of work or class.

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Time to get over your fear of parallel parking. This optional feature helps guide your 2019 Ford Escape into the tightest of parking spaces. And don’t worry, it’ll also help you steer out of any rough parking spot as well. Thus, it really takes all the hassle and stress out of one of the trickiest parts of driving.

Steering Wheel Mounted Cruise Control

This standard feature brings cruise control right to your steering wheel. With the simple touch of a button, you can give your foot a rest while your car maintains a set speed. It’s perfect for those family getaways that require long bouts of highway driving.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support

Another great optional feature includes the Adaptive Cruise Control. Simply set your comfortable speed and preferred distance from the cars in front of you, and your Ford SUV does all the rest of the work for you. Even in stop-and-go traffic, you’ll find your car keeps with the flow of other drivers and automatically reduces speed when necessary.

Fun Interior Technology

Inside the new Ford Escape, you’ll find plenty of tech features aimed at creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience just for you.

AM/FM Stereo with Available 10-Speaker Audio System

Jam out to your favorite tunes with the Ford audio suite. And if you opt for the Titanium trim, you’ll hear your radio and media with the clearest quality possible. It certainly brings a new dynamic to bass drops and guitar riffs.

Stay Connected with Ford Sync 3

Opt for the SE trim or up and you’ll get an 8-inch touchscreen with all your favorite Ford Sync 3 features. Some of the standouts include handsfree calls and texts. And don’t forget about connectivity to your Amazon Echo.

Also, note that the Ford Sync 3 even comes with 2 USB ports to ensure your devices’ batteries remain topped off.

The Power of Keyless

Even without your key present, you’ll still have plenty of access and control over your car with these features.

Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start

This feature is perfect for those days that your hands are full, and your keys are buried deep in your pocket or purse. But now, you no longer need to set down your goods and dig for your keys. Instead, Intelligent Access allows you to simply pull your door handle and your door unlocks on its own. And don’t worry—you won’t need to pull out your key to start your car either.

Ford MyKey

Keep track of your car even when you’re not the driver. With MyKey, you can set speed limits, audio limits, and even set early low fuel warnings. It’s easily the perfect tool for monitoring your new teen drivers.

Available Foot-Activated Liftgate

Again, this feature is perfect for those days your hands are full. Simply put your foot under your liftgate’s sensor, and load up your cargo area.

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