2019 Ford Edge Technology Features

2019 Ford Edge

Ford has always led the way when it comes to in-vehicle technology. In fact, Ford has registered many hi-tech and safety firsts including front seat belts (1955), ABS (1968), electronic engine controls (1978), the engine oil economy analyzer (1993), and adaptive cruise control (2000). So, it shouldn't be a surprise that Ford continues this amazing tradition with the 2019 Ford Edge. This SUV, which comes in four trim levels, available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, and up to nine exterior colors, is the first SUV designed by the Ford Performance Team, famed for their award-winning work in the motorsports world. The experts at Southern California Ford Dealers think this is a perfect time to take a closer look at the driver-assist technology features available on the 2019 Ford Edge.

Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology

Let's face it; Southern California's roads are becoming more crowded and stressful every day. Drivers are all looking for ways to gain confidence and feel safer as they navigate the freeways and local roads. It's for that reason that Ford has recently introduced Ford Co-Pilot360™. This advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies is the product of years of research and testing and each feature makes driving safer and more enjoyable. According to Ford's website, the Ford Co-Pilot360™ suite includes:

    • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection (AEB)

With this standard system, drivers are helped in avoiding collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians who might accidentally cross their path. When a potential collision is detected, easy-to-see warning flashes and alert sounds are triggered. If this doesn't work, the system can also automatically apply the brakes to lower the chance of a frontal collision. According to a study from the NTSB, this feature not only helps prevent and mitigate rear-end collisions but can also lower the cost of ownership.

    • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

This system uses radar to identify a vehicle entering the blind spot and alerts the driver with an indicator light in the side-view mirror. Cross-traffic alert can warn drivers of traffic behind when slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway.

    • Lane Keeping System

This feature offers three different functions including notifying drivers through steering wheel vibration that they need to correct course, providing steering torque to steer back toward the center of the lane, and continuously monitoring driving patterns using a forward-looking camera. Drivers also get visual and audio warning.

SYNC3® with Ford+Alexa

The 2019 Ford Edge is not only exceptionally safe; it’s connected more than any other SUV on the market thanks to the all-new SYNC3® with Ford+Alexa. This system takes the capabilities of Amazon Alexa from your home into your vehicle. By connecting your Alexa with the SYNC3® AppLink, drivers have access to Voice Navigation, Traffic Information, over 45,000 skills, Amazon Prime shopping, and control of supported Smart Home devices. The SYNC3® AppLink can also be combined with Waze, the popular crowd-sourced navigation app that helps you avoid traffic jams and road closures.

Finding Your Hi-Tech 2019 Ford Edge

While these are only a few of the hi-tech features available in the 2019 Ford Edge, we think they are enough to show off how amazing this SUV really is. If you want to test-drive the 2019 Ford Edge, the time is right to contact any of the Ford dealers represented by Southern California Ford Dealers.








2019 Ford Edge