A Closer Look at the Tech Behind Ford Co-Pilot360™

A Closer Look at the Tech Behind Ford Co-Pilot360™
A Closer Look at the Tech Behind Ford Co-Pilot360™

One of the hottest trends in the automotive industry is driver assist technologies. Ford is making a bold step forward in that category with the new Ford Co-Pilot360 suite. It bundles together multiple systems for a comprehensive and proactive approach to safety.

Look for the Ford Co-Pilot360 driver assistance package to be offered on vehicles at Southern California Ford Dealers starting in the Fall of 2018.

More Standard Features

In a world where people are increasingly focused on safety, the Ford Co-Pilot360 offering stands head and shoulders above the competition. It provides the most advanced driver assistance package for full-line car brands today. As roads become increasingly crowded and distracted driving continues to be a constant threat, these technologies will help you face everything with more confidence than ever.

This Ford driver assist technology bundle includes automatic emergency braking as part of the standard offering. This pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection can detect cars and people that cross in front of a Ford’s path accidentally. It’s a common occurrence in busy urban areas as well as suburban roadways. When the system detects a potential collision, an alarm sounds and an alert flashes to get the driver’s attention. In the case that a driver doesn’t react to avoid an accident, the system will put on the brakes to minimize any collision.

Through the blind spot information system, radar sensors detect when another vehicle enters the car’s blind spots. A light on the corresponding side-view mirror illuminates, warning you as a driver of the hidden danger. Those same sensors detect if another vehicle is approaching from either side as you slowly back up, something that helps greatly in parking lots and other places.

Also included is a lane keeping system. As the car gets too close to lane markings on the road, the steering wheel vibrates slightly for a warning. Then, steering torque helps with directing the car back to the center of the lane. This technology even monitors your driving pattern, indicating when you’re showing signs of being inattentive behind the wheel.

Coming Soon

You won’t have to wait long at all to see Ford Co-Pilot360 in action. Starting in the Fall, multiple Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs will be outfitted with the tech suite. The 2019 Ford Edge and 2019 Ford Edge ST will be the first two models to come with it.

By 2020, about 91 percent of all Fords sold in North America will use the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite as part of their standard equipment.

Instead of stopping there, Ford’s already pushing ahead with exciting new driver assistance technologies. In 2019, the company will roll out automatic emergency braking for reversing, addressing another safety risk. Even more protective systems are coming soon. The automaker is also focusing on refining the systems to the point they’re super reliable.

Check out the new Ford Co-Pilot360 by visiting Southern California Ford Dealers.