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2015 Ford Expedition vs 2015 Toyota Sequoia

2015 Toyota Sequoia
2015 Ford Expedition
          Have your power and your MPGs, too.


If you're trying to pinch pennies, every mile per gallon toward better fuel economy counts, including the 3 more MPGs between the 2015 Ford Expedition1 and the 2015 Toyota Sequoia2 in the city and the 5 more MPGs on the highway. Those humble little MPGs can add up to big savings.



The 2015 Ford Expedition leads the pack of versatile SUVs on ‒ and off ‒ the road.


·         Engine with a punch ‒ V-8 power and performance in a smaller Ford EcoBoost package

·         Extra Long (EL) model ‒ more room to stretch in or to store lots of cargo

·         More models, more options ‒ five trim levels vs. the Toyota Sequoia’s three allow buyers to determine the right SUV for their wants and needs




The Expedition beats the Sequoia’s V-8 in acceleration, towing and fuel economy with two less cylinders.


·         Superb fuel economy ‒ stops at the gas station are few and far between (unlike the Toyota Sequoia)

·         High tow capacity ‒ hauls loads that will leave the Toyota Sequoia stuck in the parking lot

·         Quick acceleration ‒ easy to slip into that tight spot between vehicles in rush-hour traffic




The Expedition keeps passengers safe with equipment that's either unavailable on the more expensive Sequoia or listed only as an option.


·         MyKey ‒ peace of mind for parents and their teen drivers with this Ford exclusive

·         Standard rear-parking sensors ‒ helps get you into those tight parking spots easily and safely

·         Power-adjustable pedals ‒ driving position can be right-sized for any person’s height, a feature not offered on the Toyota Sequoia




The buyer has more choices to find the right SUV with the Ford Expedition than the Sequoia, thanks to the EL model and two additional trim levels.


·         Ford Expedition XL ‒ fleet sales for businesses such as livery

·         King Ranch Edition ‒ western-themed Expedition includes a wood-grain interior trim

·         Classy Expedition Platinum ‒ stand out among full-size SUVs with exclusive two-tone exterior paint and unique styling details

2015 Ford ExpeditionVS2015 Toyota Sequoia163EPA Estimated City MPG134223EPA Estimated Highway MPG174


If you're carrying considerable cargo, the 2015 Ford Expedition's1 increased torque - 4203 lb.-ft. vs. 4015 lb.-ft. - can mean the difference between easy going and a sluggish ride.
2015 Ford ExpeditionVS2015 Toyota Sequoia4203Torque4015


Who wouldn't want more miles between fill-ups? With a 114 miles higher estimated combined tank range, the 2015 Ford Expedition1 will keep you on the road longer than the 2015 Toyota Sequoia2. The 2015 Ford Expedition's1 lower ground clearance, 83vs.106 means a lower center of gravity and more stability. Whether you're chauffeuring your kids to ballet, or the Harlem Globetrotters to a game (it could happen), all of your passengers will be more comfortable with the 2015 Ford Expedition's1 combined total of 20 inches more head and leg room in the front and rear seats. . The 2015 Ford Expedition's1 1400-lb. increase in towing capacity over the 2015 Toyota Sequoia2 means you'll be able to tow just about anything, for the job site or for a weekend fishing trip.
2015 Ford ExpeditionVS2015 Toyota Sequoia5043Estimated Combined Tank Range390483Ground Clearance106393Front Head Room344393Front Leg Room344393Rear Head Room344393Rear Leg Room3446,0003Towing Capacity7,4004


With an MSRP of $550 less than the 2015 Toyota Sequoia2, the 2015 Ford Expedition1 provides the budget-conscious buyer enough cost savings to fill the 2015 Ford Expedition's1 gas tank 15 times, with a little money left over for road-trip snacks.7. In the very unlikely event you'll need it, help is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the 2015 Ford Expedition's1 Roadside Assistance, standard for 3 years longer than 2015 Toyota Sequoia2.
2015 Ford ExpeditionVS2015 Toyota Sequoia$43,8453MSRP$44,395853Roadside Assistance28
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1 - 2015 Ford Expedition XLT

2 - 2015 Toyota Sequoia SR5

3 - 2015 Ford Expedition 2WD 4dr XLT

4 - 2015 Toyota Sequoia RWD 5.7L SR5 (Natl)

5 - 2015 Toyota Sequoia RWD 5.7L SR5 (SE)

6 - 2015 Toyota Sequoia 4WD 5.7L FFV SR5 (Natl)

7 - Based on the price of $52.50 to fill the gas tank.

8 - 2015 Toyota Sequoia RWD 5.7L SR5 (GS)